New York State Temporary Maintenance & Child Support Calculator

About the calculator: This page will help you calculate the figures a judge would consider in determining how much should be paid in spousal support (maintenance/alimony) and child support. Note that the formulas only take salary into consideration, not the specifics of any situation – for example, a child’s special needs, or parents who share parenting time equally. In court, a judge would consider many more factors in making an actual determination. Or, through mediation, you and your spouse may decide on a different amount that seems fair.

Also note that the maintenance formula only pertains to temporary maintenance – that which the higher-earning spouse would pay to the lower-earning spouse while the divorce is pending.


  • You must press the TAB key or click one of the “Calculate” buttons for an amount entered to be registered by the calculator.
  • All amounts entered should be annual.
  • Clicking the § (section) icon before an item description will take you to the applicable statute in a popup window, unless popups are disabled in your browser.
  • Complete the Income and Deductions sections. If only calculating child support, skip the temporary maintenance section; if only calculating temporary maintenance, stop after that section.
  • The calculator creates cookies so that your browser will remember your entries if you refresh or revisit the page. Clicking the RESET button clears the calculator and deletes the cookies. Rosenthal Law & Mediation does not collect, retain, or share any information entered here. The calculator will still function with cookies disabled; however, you may have to re-enter values if you refresh or revisit the page.
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New York State Temporary Maintenance & Child Support Calculator
Updated March 22, 2015