More changing families!

In my last post (this morning), I wrote about 3 articles in today’s Sunday New York Times about interesting family configurations or trends.  Well, obviously I hadn’t read the whole paper!

  • A Father’s Day Plea to Sperm Donors is by a young man who would like, on this Father’s Day, to know who his father is;
  • My Ex-Gay Friend explores the life of a young man who was comfortable being out, and then went back in;
  • Living the Good Lie reflects on the therapists role in dealing with closeted patients,
  • And How Many Households Are Like Yours? is a kind of fun, interactive page where you can see how the American family is changing.
  • and then Maureen Dowd takes on the hypocrisy of the Church’s adamant views against gay marriage at a time when the NY State legislature is only 1 vote away from changing the course of history by legalizing it.

We are in the midst of a sea change of family dynamics and family relationships.  I’m proud to be part of that change.